Sound – walking through Morrill

While exploring the space of Morrill Hall, I decided to record my steps moving from the front door to each bathroom in the building. Interestingly, the men’s room is the first thing you see when you walk in the building. It is eleven short steps from the door. The “unisex” and “handicapped” bathroom is tucked away in a far corner of the basement, barely handicap accessible, and only accessible from the back of the building. Someone that couldn’t use stairs would only be able to access the basement of the building. Someone that wished to use a gender neutral restroom would have to weasel their way down to the far corner of the building, away from the normal paths of traffic in the building. I recorded myself walking back from the basement bathroom upstairs to a space where I would potentially be working. The women’s bathroom is on the second floor, up a fairly steep flight of stairs. I thought it would be interesting to document different experiences using the facilities in this building that also incorporates a sonic element to the project.


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