Morrill Hall Mystery Photo!

UMD faculty 190

Who are these women (and kids)?

When some of the class went over to Morrill Hall to look at the space, they found a photograph of “Faculty, ca. 1908.” We had questions about who was in the photo, particularly the women and children. Women were not enrolled or teaching at the University during this time, so who were they? Faculty wives? Staff? Both?

When we went to the University Archives, they had a larger version of this photograph, but it did not have any more identifying information. The Assistant University Archivist suggested we look in the digitized yearbooks. We did not find this photo in the yearbooks, but we did notice that the list of faculty and staff for the University was fairly small, and surmised that the Morrill Hall photograph was not just faculty from that building, but from the entire university. Listed among the “Officers and Faculty of Instruction” in the yearbook for 1908 were two women, Miss M. L. Spence, stenographer, and Mrs. L. K. Fitzhugh, Matron. Perhaps these women were in the photograph. There is more research that can be done!

Reveille Yearbook, 1908, p. 13, University of Maryland Yearbooks, University Archives, University of Maryland Libraries,
Image courtesy of the University of Maryland Archives


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