At the University Archives!


We were looking for historical photos, blueprints, or floor plans, etc. for Morrill Hall, including information on women and African Americans who may have worked, attended classes, or taught in the building. With the assistance of the University Archivist, Anne S. K. Turkos, and the Assistant University Archivist Jason G. Speck (they were very accommodating to help us on short notice), we found some very interesting and helpful information for our project.

We did look at some old photographs of Morrill Hall and took photos of some. They were predominately images of male students in the Entomology and other science labs. We learned that Morrill Hall’s original name was Science Hall and classes were held in this building back in the day. Unfortunately for us, the archives did not have any historical blueprints, but we discovered that University Facilities Office keeps those in Building 006, behind the Energy Plant.

The archives did not have much material on African American workers on campus, but they had a photograph of Charles Dory and his nephew and someone else who were working in the Barracks kitchen ca. 1909. This was before the Barracks burned in 1912. Dory was from the Lakeland community of College Park. Many people from this community worked on campus. The archivist noted that a book on Lakeland was published by Arcadia Press. It is titled Lakeland: African Americans in College Park.

Heidi and Manuel


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